Hollygrow brings together community through the spirit of growing & sharing.

We are the organization of growers at 8301 Olive St, the site formerly administered by Hollygrove Market & Farm (HMF). As long term growers & farmers, we are the remaining stakeholders of this land, some of us having been here continuously since HMF’s founding in 2008. We are in threat of losing the land where we grow, so we aim to take control of the property lease and to find a solution to sustaining the vision that has flourished here for the past decade.

Since 2008, this site in the Hollygrove neighborhood has not only been a one-of-a-kind hub for fresh food from local farms, but fertile soil for successful leaders in local food systems. Among the organizations that have their roots at HMF are Grow Dat Youth Farm, Recirculating Farms Coalition, Sprout NOLA, Herb’NFlower.Love, Solar Earth, Verti Farms, and Schmelly’s Dirt Farm. This educational farm site has been and continues to be a community gathering place for all those in the perennial local food economy. Hollygrow envisions itself maintaining the course of nurturing new growers and urban agricultural programs, providing affordable local foods access, and bringing together people through the essential work of growing & sharing.

We need your help. It is our hope that, despite the challenges all of us face in an increasingly globalized world, our farm can find a way to sustain itself through financial investment, non-profit partnerships, and income-generating revenue streams like a new local foods market, office spaces for food & sustainability sector businesses, Sunday brunches in the garden, workshops, event fundraisers, and more.

What we need
> Financial investment – we are looking for individuals, businesses, or foundations that can invest in the future of this educational food hub.
> Business planning support – help with navigating the road ahead
> Event organizing & volunteers – we would love support in throwing successful events at our farm, vendors who would want to participate, and volunteers to help make it all happen
> Building renovation/construction – to help with new buildout and maintanence
> Hugs & moral support 🙂

You can help right now by making a donation here:


Every little amount helps. We need to raise $5,000 by May 1 to pay our rent, utility bills, and get ourselves off the ground and running.